Keynote of an Era

When we work with a pendulum, a bio-tensor, NEI or kinesiology, we do not always take account of the keynote to which we have attuned during the testing. However, this keynote - or astrological basic frequency - does affect the test results. Maybe twenty years ago this keynote lay entirely in the Old Era (the astrological Piscean Age), but nowadays it is found in the transition phase to the New Age (the astrological age of Aquarius) in which we find ourselves.

Since 1989 our nuclei have started to resonate more and more with the new Aquarian frequencies. We can bring these frequencies from our nucleus (spiritual level) through the cellular (emotional/mental level) to the extra-cellular (physical) level. This provides us the chance for detaching the 'old' and for connecting with the 'new'.

The New Age officially starts in 2012. As a matter of fact, the year 2012 is also found in the prophecies of various cultures scattered over the continents. It appears in the eras of the Chinese I Tjing, the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, the Mayan calendar from South-America and the ancient documents from India. 2012 is also the start of the New Galactic Year of 26,000 solar years.

Characteristic of the Old Era was our journey through the matter and the duality. To each development there was a downside that sometimes manifested itself directly and sometimes not until much later. For instance just think of the large-scale exploitation of our fuels and the environmental pollution this has lead to. Or the enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation around us. Genetically manipulated food and food additives can also be added to this enumeration. We could place all this into the category of negative environmental factors. Another example of our journey through the duality is our viewpoint regarding pharmaceuticals. We accept the undesirable (side) effects of medicines and we practise symptom suppression. We prefer to mask the cause with painkillers and proceed with the order of the day: business as usualÉ People seldom use a holistic approach to find the deeper cause of a complaint.

In a sense the developments mentioned are holding us in the Old Era and, consequently, they slow down or hinder our spiritual journey towards the New Age.

The New Age is all about the letting go of the duality, the material objects, and the ego. We are given the opportunity for heading towards the Unity or the Source, and we are increasingly allowed to use our cultivating, inspirited faculties.

In subliminal communication, when we (consciously or unconsciously) attune to the keynote of the Old Era, we are ignorant of the direction in which the development in time will take us. We will keep choosing means, relationships or environmental factors that resonate with the frame of reference which we are familiar with: the Old Era. This way, we eventually create an enormous area of tension, because the old keynotes deviate further and further from the new Aquarian frequencies.

Moreover, during the transition phase we may be forced to revert to a remedy that resonates with the Old Era, for instance in case of a very troubling or life-threatening complaint.

It is important that we, as therapists, as individuals, learn to differentiate the basic frequencies. Sometimes we are unable to attune to the New Age. This may be caused by an emotional blockade or a conditioning of a certain aspect of life. This is usually brought about by a fear of change, fear of the essence, fear of actually taking Responsibility, fear of Being. We all have to deal with this at some point, nobody excepted. A partner or a fellow-therapist can help you overcome such a blockade. Sometimes the blockade can be raised merely by asking permission to receive the new Aquarian frequencies.

Another important aspect in learning to distinguish between the basic frequencies is the testing of the efficacy of a remedy or therapy. The extent to which a remedy resonates with the New Age says something about the effectiveness and the quality of the remedy. For instance, we can see that a strong energetic remedy far from always resonates with the basic frequency of the New Age. As we become more in touch with the New Age the remedies that resonate with the Old Era will prove to be less and less effective. We will be able to overlook the Old Era from the New Age with less difficulty than vice versa.

A test using a pendulum, bio-tensor or kinesiology can show to which quality or basic frequency we have attuned ourselves. Practice makes perfect.

Vital energy and the keynote of water

We have already taken a quick look at the negative environmental factors that characterize the Old Era. The quality of ­ and the care of ­ our drinking water is another remarkable example of the duality of the Piscean Age. The water in the rivers and lakes often contains toxins, making the water unsuitable for immediate consumption. In fact, we find it normal that water is filtered and treated with chemicals before we can actually tap it off as drinking water. What many people do not realize, is that toxins and chemicals leave an energetic imprint in the water. This imprint is left undisturbed by the normal methods of water purification. As a result of which the water resonates with the Old Era to some extent.

The fact that the crystal pattern of the water is determined by the energetic environment to which the water is exposed has been photographed under the microscope by several researchers. Water has the property to absorb information. In many cultures and religions this knowledge has been put into practice for thousands of years alread.

Drinking of water with an energetic imprint of toxins is very similar to the working of homeopathy. After the physical substances have been removed, the effect on the metaphysical material level is determined by the remaining energetic information. We are aware of the intention with which we take a homeopathic medicine. However, we are often in the dark concerning the effect of drinking water burdened with an energetic imprint characterized by the Old Era. Yet we drink this water every day, while we are made up of 70% water (the brain even consists of 90% water)!

The keynote and vital energy of water can be tested, both quality-wise and quantity-wise. In order to determine the energetic quality of water, we can test to which extent the energy resonates with the keynote of the New Age (or the Old Era). As pointed out earlier, the intensity of the measured energy is not necessarily an indication of resonating with the New Age. Therefore, very strong energy is not very beneficial if it resonates with the Old Era; this actually works to our disadvantage rather than to our advantage.

The amount of vital energy in water, for instance, can be expressed in Bovis-value. This method of determining vital energy has been developed by the Frenchman Bovis and was later refined by his pupil Simonéton.

The readings of the Bovis-value are often mistaken for readings of the wavelength (Ångström), frequency (Hf. in Hz.) or the photon energy. It so happens that the Bovis-value 6,500 coincides with the wavelength of 6.500 Ångström; however, in the higher range the values strongly diverge. A similar problem exists with readings taken from the frequency and the photon energy. The actual Bovis-value cannot be determined from such readings.

The Bovis-value can be determined using a pendulum, bio-tensor or kinesiology. This is subject to proper attunement during testing, because an additional factor at determining the amount of vital energy is the extent of acceptation of the measured values. As human beings we (consciously or unconsciously) make a choice regarding complete or partial acceptation of vital energy. Beliefs and conditioning can affect the test result.

It is possible to measure a high Bovis-value. A high Bovis-value means that the energy not only touches the physical body, but the emotional/mental and the spiritual body as well. It is essential that all of these bodies are taken into consideration, for we do not merely consist of a physical body.


Bovis-scale: expressed in Bovis-value (Bv) per level. Above the turning points a, b and c the average Bovis-value is stated; these may strongly vary per individual. According to a publication of the British Society of Dowsing (John Cuninghame & BSD/EEG 2001) the Bovis-value of Mother Meera (Thalheim, Germany) even reads as many as billions (10132 ) Bovis units.

High Bovis-values also occur in nature. They can especially be found in sacred and holy places - sites of power or at intersections of Leylines. Plants and animals usually do exceptionally well in these places.

Several test results of water:

Tap water and bottled water : Bovis-value approx. 3,000 to 6,000.

Filtered tap water : Bovis-value approx. 3,000.

Vitalised tap water ­ Aqua OPTIMIZER® : Bovis-value over 2,000,000.

The vital energy in tap water can be increased considerably using a good vitalizer. Old techniques show us that water can be vitalized and that negative information is removed from the drinking water to a certain degree. Even the Ancient Egyptians used vitalizers. By using a good vitalizer the energetic imprint that is left behind in the water by toxins can be removed, which benefits the vital energy in the water. Some metaphysics attribute this removal of prejudicial information to the changing spin or rotary direction of the electron. Modern science has not yet found true proof for this. An explanation may be found if we are prepared to look beyond conventional geometrical progressions. By using extra-sensory touch, kinesiology, pendulum or bio-tensor we can ascertain that vitalized water above a certain rate no longer contains prejudicial substances or information. It appears that by using the vitalizer the effect of negative environmental factors ­ such as electrosmog ­ can even decrease significantly and the keynote can start to resonate with the New Age.

Note: a vitalizer that is primarily used for cooking crops, vegetables, fruit and animals more quickly completely tallies with the Old Era way of thinking. Therefore, in such a case the energy will not resonate with the New Age.

In conclusion

If you are working with a pendulum, bio-tensor or kinesiology, you are kindly invited to start searching for the deeper meaning of all this yourself. Practice makes perfect. In the New Age we will be able to further develop the Pure Awareness, we will learn to differentiate and we will be able take responsibility. Both therapists and clients will be allowed to have Spiritual Independence.

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