Vitalization of tap water using the Aqua OPTIMIZER®

1. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® eliminates energetic pollution from tap water

Life force, or vital energy, can be expressed in terms of Bovis values (for explanation see paragraph 11.1). Ordinary tap water only measures a Bovis value of approximately 3,000 units. This is, among other things, due to the fact that the tap water is indeed 'purified' by the waterworks, but the energetic information or imprint of the original pollution is not removed from the water. Water has an excellent memory1. Actually, the working of the remaining energetic information is similar to the working of homeopathy. The activity is determined by the energetic information of the physical substances it once contained. During the purification process all kinds of chemicals are used and those also leave an energetic imprint in the water. Owing to this, ordinary tap water is detrimental to the human body. As a result of transport the water once again absorbs a lot of detrimental information. This is why the Bovis value of bottled water hardly ever exceeds 5,000 units.

The energetic imprint of the contamination can be removed using the Aqua OPTIMIZER® (for explanation see paragraph 11.2).

2. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® enhances the vital energy

Bovis value is an intuitive observation technique used to express vital energy (for explanation see paragraph 11.1).

Taking food or drinking water with a Bovis value lower than the Bovis value of one's own body, costs vital energy. The purity of the water we drink and the food that we digest not only influences our physical well-being, but our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as well. Industrial bread and non-organic vegetables contain very little vital energy; food prepared in the microwave oven practically contains none at all.

Many physical complaints result from an imbalance in the subtle energy bodies. A lasting imbalance in these subtle energy bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental) will in term lead to physical complaints. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the vitalization is carried over into these subtle energy bodies. The effect of an energizer with a low Bovis value is limited and will only reach the physical level. A high Bovis value means that the energy not only touches the physical body, but also the more subtle energy bodies that wrap around the physical body like an aura.



Bovis value


Bovis-scale: expressed in Bovis-units (bu) per level. The turning point A indicates the average Bovis value; this may strongly vary per individual. For further details see paragraph 11.4.

High Bovis values also occur in nature. They can especially be found in 'sacred' places, religious buildings, and power places or at Leyline intersections. Plants and animals usually do exceptionally well in these places. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® affects all energy levels in a positive harmonizing way and it contains a high level of vital energy of well over 2 million Bovis-units. This Bovis value not only affects the physical body, but the subtle energy bodies as well. The body itself determines the amount of energy that is permitted; this is the free will of each individual.


3. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® is syntonized to the keynote of the Aquarian Age

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® is founded on years of water vitalization experience and working with energetic frequencies of the new astrological Age of Aquarius, the New Age. Although we currently find ourselves in the transition phase to this astrological era, the new frequencies have been resonating with our nucleus (spiritual level) since 1989. It is now up to mankind to release these new frequencies through all energetic

bodies. Mankind is changing; this appears from the fact that we only had 7 main chakras until 1989. Whereas nowadays, as is shown in numerous publications on this topic, we can distinguish 13 Aquarian chakras. A disadvantage of many products is that they still resonate with the energies from the astrological Piscean Age, the Old Age. Characteristic of the energies from the Pisces-era is the duality they hold, or rather the fact that they are always marked by one or more disadvantages. The Aquarian Age is named the Era of Light, Love and Unity; an era which leaves no room for duality and the ego.

Each era has its own characteristic or keynote, and so we speak of the keynote of an era. An important quality of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is that it resonates with the keynote of the New Age.

The quantity of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® can be expressed in a Bovis value. A high Bovis value indicates that the energy not only touches the physical body, but also the more subtle energy bodies that surround the body, much like an aura.

A high Bovis value is not necessarily a sign that it resonates with the keynote of the New Age. Strong

energy in itself is of little or no use to us if this energy still resonates with the Old Age. In fact, such energy will work in our disadvantage rather than in our advantage.

If the energy resonates with the keynote of the New Age, our body will regulate the amount of energy that is permitted. However, we may obtain too little energy if there should be a blockade in the physical and/or subtle energy bodies.

The effect of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® counteracts to the ever-increasing negative effects of environmental factors, such an electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, broadcasters, digital television, or terrestrial radiation, veins of water and such like. As the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is syntonized to the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian immune system is stimulated, and as a result the human body acquires a natural immunity against negative environmental factors. See note 6 and 7.


4. The Aqua OPTIMIZER®, a guaranteed powerful effect

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® design is based on the circle shape and the hexade, because these shapes remain energetically pure and have a powerful, direct effect as well. The actual vitalization, change and enhancement of the vital energy are in the focal point. Much in the same way that sunlight caught in the focal point of a magnifying glass causes an increase in temperature.

It is remarkable that the mystical circle is found in many different cultures. For instance the Mayas, the Ancient Egyptians, the healing circle from the Chinese Chi Neng Qi Gong and Stone Henge in England. The working of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is also based on the principles of Sacred Geometry which we find in many old temples. In the focal point of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® a lemniscate is formed which changes the information of the tap water, resulting into a high Bovis value of more than 2,000,000 units. Surprisingly the mandala of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® resembles the crystal-like structure of a snowflake (water)2 and the heart chakra mandala3. See further paragraph 11.5. With the Aqua OPTIMIZER® linear thinking, the logic of the mind, is surpassed by the intelligence of the heart.

5. The Aqua OPTMIZER®, simply attached to the domestic water inlet pipe

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® consists of two brass scales containing a fluid provided with energetic information that remains permanently active because of its connection with the all-embracing field11. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® can be mounted tightly and centred on the water pipe, directly behind the water meter, by using the strap included.

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® C-15/22 measures Ø 42 x 50 mms on the outside and fits precisely around a water pipe 22 mms in diameter; for a 15 mms diameter accessories are supplied. Deviant measurements can be supplied on request. The 2 brass scales should fully enclose the water pipe, in order to secure the focal point.

6. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® for industrial and farming applications

Tap water vitalized with the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is suitable for all household purposes: for drinking, washing fruit and vegetables, for cooking, showering or bathing, or for doing the laundry. This way the vital

energy is automatically transmitted. The vitalized water allows for at least 50% reduction in the consumption of washing powder and other detergents; this also applies to the white laundry. With the Aqua OPTIMIZER® water scale in bathrooms, coffee machines, washing machines, et cetera will be reduced and may even be prevented.

Also, the Aqua OPTIMIZER® has a harmonizing effect on the negative effects of environmental factors in the living or work environment, such as electrosmog and terrestrial radiation. Such factors will affect people less strongly and in some cases these factors may be eliminated completely.

Industrial applications of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® are: prevention or reduction of water scale in cooling systems and enhancement of output in thermal power installations.

In the horticulture and agriculture sectors the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is used to improve the water quality and the energy inside the greenhouse or cow house.

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® is used as part of the legionella prevention in water systems, e.g. in hotels, motels, boarding houses, conference centres, rinsing water applications, car washes, spraying systems in the horticulture sector, fountains and waterfalls in buildings, fire-fighting facilities, water systems at large events, emergency (eyewash) fountains, high-pressure cleansers, wet heat exchangers, humidifiers, condensers in air-conditioning systems, marinas, offices, saunas, ships, sports halls, sports clubs, holidays

cottages and weekend houses, hospitals and care institutions, and swimming pools.

The Aqua OPTIMIZER® is available for nearly all water pipe diameters. There is even an Aqua OPTIMIZER® for a water pipe of Ø160 mms in diameter.




7. Aqua OPTIMIZER® test results


1. The pictures below illustrate the discrepancies between normal tap water and tap water vitalized with theAqua OPTIMIZER®:

We are made up of more than 70% water. Therefore, by drinking vitalized tap water the energetic balance and harmony are enhanced.

2. Independent studies (see paragraph 11.3) show that hothouse tomatoes that are fed on water vitalized by the Aqua OPTIMIZER® are less chaotic in the frequency spectrum of the electrical field. According to biologists this indicates higher vitality.

3. Research (see paragraph 11.3) made into the discrepancies between vitalized and non-vitalized Amsterdam tap water shows that the vitalized version is significantly less chaotic in the frequency spectrum. The water is more vital10.





4. Research made into the growth of the legionella bacterium

(legionella pneumophila) in tap water shows that the amount

of bacteria in tap water vitalized by Aqua OPTIMIZER® is

reduced more quickly than in unprocessed tap water.

This confirms the added value of the Aqua OPTIMIZER®

with respect to legionella prevention or the legionella

management plan, which was made obligatory for employers per January 1, 2004.


8. Aqua OPTIMIZER® testimonial

Below you will find testimonials of people who have purchased the Aqua OPTIMIZER®.

Names and telephone numbers are provided on request.


1. I started drinking more tap water since I installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER®. The smell of the water has

strongly improved and the water tastes better.

2. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® has been on the water inlet pipe for over a month now. When I used my pendulum, the water read values of more than 2 million Bovis. Indeed I feel wonderful and energetic, I look better every day.

3. I suffer from fibromyalgia. Some time ago I started swimming in the swimming pool that is vitalized by the Aqua OPTIMIZER®. I sense that the water feels softer; I am no longer bothered with fatigue after I have taken a swim, my bathing suit and skin smell less of chlorine, and the chlorine does not trouble me as much while I am swimming. The water has a light blue ‘glow’.

4. A sceptical livestock owner: since we installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER® the water in the watering trough of my cow-house is crystal clear. The cattle also looks healthier and I need less detergents for rinsing the milk lines.

5. Since I installed an Aqua OPTIMIZER® in my swimming pool, the skin allergy that I had for years has disappeared, my skins feels softer.

6. As a medium and energetic therapist I always advise my clients to purchase an Aqua OPTIMIZER®, quality wise the best vitalisor.

7. I could not believe that such a small device could change the water’s taste and radiation, until I compared the neighbour’s water to ours. The difference is incredible!

8. After we had installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER® I instantly experienced its positive effect on the energy in my home; fantastic!

9. We have installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER® and now I am no longer troubled by electrosmog.

10. Since we installed an Aqua OPTMIZER® the water we shower in is vitalized water and even though I used to have very dry skin, I no longer need a moisturizer.

11. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® sells itself once people taste the water.

12. Thank you for your confidence and good luck with these extraordinary devices.

13. Since I started using an Aqua OPTIMIZER® I use less salt in my swimming pool and the water stays clean much longer.

14. A market gardener: since I installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER® the energy inside my greenhouses feels better and my plants look more vital.

15. The vitalization has an effect on the entire home.

16. We have seen that showering in vitalized water has a very soothing effect on my (adolescent) daughter.

17. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® water is very smooth and enjoyable; it also tastes much better.

18. Since I installed an Aqua OPTIMIZER® I feel ‘welcome’ in my house.

19. I purchased an Aqua OPTIMIZER® and installed it on the existing integrated vitalisor. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® water tastes much better, softer and fuller. There is also significantly less water scale.

20. My husband never drank tap water until we installed the Aqua OPTIMIZER®.

21. Within a week after the installation of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® my son chose not to associate with the aggressive youngsters from our neighbourhood anymore.

22. After mounting the Aqua OPTIMIZER® my house felt more spacious, the positive ions were reversed to negative ions.

23. I no longer have to buy bottles of mineral water; I will recover the costs of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® within a year. An opened bottle of mineral water does not taste very good at the end of the day. A bottle of Aqua OPTIMIZER® water still tastes great at the end of the day.

24. Our family has subjected ordinary tap water and vitalized tap water to a thorough test in order to determine the differences between the two. We all feel that the Aqua OPTIMIZER® vitalized water is much clearer and tastes better.

25. Water scale is no longer a problem.

26. The water from the central heating system now remains clear. The water we used to tap from the central heating apparatus was dirty and odorous. It is now clear and without smell.

27. The water boils much quicker.

28. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® is a credit to its name. It optimizes the water; the water is silky soft and no longer troubled. I enjoy it every day and I am so happy that I bought myself this gift.

29. You will agree that coffee made with ordinary tap water is not fit to drink when you compare it to coffee that is made with vitalized water.

30. I also want an Aqua OPTIMIZER® in my pharmacy.

31. My children (8 and 10 years old) now only drink Aqua OPTIMIZER® water. They are very fussy about the water at their friends´ homes; they now bring their own bottle of Aqua OPTIMIZER® water when they go over there to play.

32. We have submitted the Aqua OPTIMIZER® to a number of tests and the results of those tests actuated us to include the system in our product line.

33. I had two experienced kinesiologists run a blind test on the water. In comparison with ordinary tap water the Aqua OPTIMIZER® vitalized water had a much better test result.

9. The Aqua OPTIMIZER® and guarantees

The care with which the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is produced and the connection with the all-embracing field provide for a maintenance-free and lifelong operation. If you should move to a new home, you can easily take the Aqua OPTIMIZER® with you.

Make sure you purchase the original Aqua OPTIMIZER®, not an imitation with deviating characteristics. Please contact us for authorized sales points.

10. The advantages of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® summarized


+ The water tastes better, feels silky soft and is energetically pure.

+ Powerful effect (high vital energy, well over 2,000,000 Bovis-units).

+ Syntonized to the New Age.

+ Protective effect with respect to electrosmog, terrestrial radiation, veins of water, negative energies, et cetera.

+ Significantly less water scale or no water scale at all.

+ Easy to attach to the domestic water inlet pipe, without any sawing or soldering.

+ No loss of pressure in the water supply system.

+ Compact design, fits in any home or on any water system.

+ Added value with respect to legionella prevention or the legionella management plan.

+ 30 days’ money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

+ Lifelong, maintenance-free operation.

+ Persuasive purchase price.

11. Explanatory notes

11.1 The Bovis value is a unit for vital energy developed by the Frenchman Bovis. It was later refined by his pupil Simonéton. The readings of the Bovis value are often mistaken for readings of the wavelength (Ångström), frequency (Hf. in Hz.) or the photon energy. It so happens that the Bovis value of 6,500 units coincides with the wavelength of 6,500 Ångström; however, in the higher range the values strongly diverge. A similar problem exists with readings taken from the frequency and the photon energy. Bovis-units cannot be determined from such readings.

The Bovis value can be determined by using a pendulum, biotensor or kinesiology, on the understanding that syntonization is accurate during the testing. An additional factor when determining the amount of vital energy is the extent to which the measured values are permitted. We (consciously or subconsciously) make choices with respect to a complete or partial acceptance of vital energy. Beliefs, blockades and conditioning may have a negative effect on the test results.

11.2 When the Aqua OPTIMIZER® is used the energetic imprint of the contamination is removed. Some metaphysics attribute the elimination of this harmful information to a changing spin or direction of rotation of the electron. Science has not yet found a unified explanation for this. Nor has science found a unified explanation for the working of homeopathy. By using extrasensory touch, kinesiology, a pendulum or a biotensor we can determine that the water vitalized with the Aqua OPTIMIZER® no longer contains harmful substances and information.

11.3 The independent research was set up by SOTHIS Research in June and September 2005. The measuring method that was used comes from the work of biologist Phillip S. Callahan and the engineer Itzhak Bentov10 from the USA. There are indications that the more arranged the frequency spectrum of the electrical field of a living object is, the more vital the object is. An arrangement is a pattern of regularity, like cascades of frequency peaks. Peaks that in a graphic drawing are at equal frequency distances, declining in height (voltage) in a straight line, seen from low to higher frequencies. There are also indications that a ´rich´ spectrum, meaning a spectrum richly filled with frequency peaks and showing no ´gaps´, signifies good vitality.

11.4 According to a publication by the British Society of Dowsing8 (John Cuninghame & BSD/EEG 2001) the Bovis value of Mother Meera (Thalheim, Germany) even measures into the billions (10132 ) of Bovis-units.

11.5 Surprisingly the mandala of the Aqua OPTIMIZER® matches the crystal structure of a snowflake (water)2 and the heart chakra mandala3. Intelligence of the heart surpasses linear thinking, the logic of the mind, with the Aqua OPTIMIZER®.




The resemblance between the crystal structure of a snowflake and the heart chakra mandala is shown above.

12. Literature

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